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Hip Stick

The Hip Stick is a modern twist on the mini Simmons. The volume helps it handle a wider variety waves. Hull entry nose to a single concave blending to double channel through the tail. The Hip Stick thrives in mushy waves, coasting through slow sections and racing through fast sections. Ideal for longboarders looking to transition to a shorter board or shortboarders looking for the ultimate small-wave master, the Hip Stick is tons of fun for everyone! 

Ziggy Star Fish

Based on the traditional Keel Fish Design by Steve Lis & Rich Pavel in San Diego in the 1970’s. When people say there is something different about a SD fish, they aren’t lying. The sheer amount of hidden curves,  contours, and refined touches that are packed into 5 Feet of surfboard is nothing short of magic. Extreme down the line speed on less than impressive waves is the staple of the classic Keel Fish. These SD Fishes are more capable in real surf than you’d ever imagine.


This model represents a radical change in the approach to the Bob Simmons and Campbell Brothers designs and high performance surfboard the model is the result of precise mathematical formulas and geometry. Inspired by Bob Simmons, George Greenough, Greg Liddle, and Tom Morey’s and Campbell Brothers board designs. Low deck rocker, fluid bottom contours and wide parallel outline make this board fly! The Simmonzer Bonzer runners and tail help’s  pivot points for increased sensitivity and responsive in turns without being too stiff nor to loose. The technical bottom contour, which utilizes a channel/concave combo, helps to maximize speed and control through sharp directional changes.

Edge Timmer Simmons

Inspired by George Greenough Edge Designs. This boards Glides & Slides! Low rocker in entry and throughout makes it extremely fast. Single concave entry too double concave vee bottom into the hard down rail tail makes putting this board on rail is a dream!


One Love

The One Love is one of the first noserider models I’ve ever created! The outline is a mix of a classic wide rounded dished nose and deep single concave with a full block tail. Its low nose rocker, wide outline, 50/50 rails, and tail kick makes this board works excellent in mushy to perfect wave! 

Grateful Sled

Influenced by the mid to late 1960s progressive longboard movemen. It’s Low wide pig hips and low nose rocker entry with lots of tail rocker. Single concave entry blending into a flat belly off the tail and 50/50 rails makes putting this board on rails a dream and quick and responsive on the nose while noseriding.


This noserider was conceived after many hours of discussion detailing and conceptualizing what a unique proper noserider should encompass. The Bucket Head is the end result of that discussion. A noserider in every sense, with 50/50 rails, Flat rocker with a light kick off tail, generous concave (spanning half  the length of the board), and wide parallel outline, the Bucket Head is designed to stay on the tip for long periods of time with great ease.The trick here being, keeping all of those great par for the course noseriding characteristics, yet to still retain other elements of what make a great log special. Trim, ability to perform sharp turns in critical sections, and just flat out being able to get funky, are other elements that we wanted our noserider to possess so that it isn’t just another one trick pony.


Classic California glider pin tail. Low flat rocker, thin 50/50 and traditional outline makes this board feel and look Classic. Flat scooped hull entry blending into a slight Vee off hard down rail tail.

Mindful Child

Inspired by Wayne Lynch Evolution designs. Low hips and low rocker in entry and throughout makes it spray buckets. Hull entry and belly through out the board with a rolled out V belly into the tail makes putting this board on rails a dream.


The Woodin Story

Kurtis Woodin is a Carlsbad, California local. He grew up in the area and has lived there for most of his life, surfing at Terramar and other surrounding local breaks. Being a 5th generation San Diegan with family steeped in Carpentry and Architecture, his breadth of historical surfing knowledge, and a keen eye for precision, Kurtis took to shaping quite naturally. His background in Holistic Health and Massage Therapy and passion for surfing alone allows Kurtis to do what he loves every day—build and shape boards. Despite being new to the field, the Woodin boards already show and represent a sense of true craftsmanship, passion, and years of experience.

Woodin Surfboards are 100% hand shaped and custom built by Kurtis Woodin. The Woodin board designs are highly influenced by the past, but also incorporate a modern twist. Woodin’s boards have been shaped and suited to Kurtis’ surfing style, and to the way he approaches waves. His prototypes have undergone countless hours of transformation, tweaking, and design to get to the way they are today. Though preferring single fin longboards, mid lengths and Simmons style boards designs, Kurtis will shape any style and type of board, and is constantly looking for new approaches to shaping.

Woodin surfboards are fueled through the encouragement and energy of his friends, customers, and fellow surfers. From sitting down in person one-on-one, to collaborating on ideas, all the way to the feedback from the rider describing how stoked they were on the first session, Kurtis takes great care and passion every step of the way. He thrives on the process, from start to finish, and it shows through the quality of his boards.

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