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The Bucket Head noserider was conceived after many hours of discussion detailing and conceptualizing what a unique proper noserider should encompass. The Bucket Head is the end result of that discussion. A noserider in every sense, with 50/50 rails, Flat rocker with a light kick off tail, generous concave (spanning half  the length of the board), and wide parallel outline, the Bucket Head is designed to stay on the tip for long periods of time with great ease.The trick here being, keeping all of those great par for the course noseriding characteristics, yet to still retain other elements of what make a great log special. Trim, ability to perform sharp turns in critical sections, and just flat out being able to get funky, are other elements that we wanted our noserider to possess so that it isn’t just another one trick pony.

Size Range: 8′-10’6″

Dimensions: 9’5″ x 23″ x 3″

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